Joseph Valenti For Mt. Gilead Mayor
2763 NC HWY 731 EAST
Mount Gilead NC 27360
(914) 309-7718

Date: August 19, 2023, Updated 10-14-2023

Subject: A Vision for a Stronger Mount Gilead: Joseph Valenti's Mayoral Proposal

Dear Fellow Residents of Mount Gilead,

As a candidate for the esteemed position of Mayor, I am humbled by the opportunity to present to you my vision for an Active Mayor's Office that will not only unite our community but also propel Mount Gilead towards a brighter future. Through your gracious support, I am committed to leading initiatives that address our pressing challenges while fostering a sense of unity and empowerment among our residents.

My foremost goal is to create a Mayor's Office that functions as a catalyst for positive change, all while leveraging our resources efficiently and respecting the valuable time of our dedicated Town Hall employees.

If entrusted with this responsibility, I pledge to dedicate my efforts towards two critical issues: alleviating the plight of Single Mothers in Poverty and elevating our High School Graduation Rates. Additionally, I aim to establish standardized practices that will guide all future Mayoral endeavors.

Overview of Mayor's Office Responsibilities:

  1. Open-Door Policy for Community Engagement: The Mayor's Office will hold bi-weekly Town Hall Meetings that encourage active participation from our residents. These gatherings will not only facilitate discussions about our community's needs and annual budget but also emphasize support for single mothers, nurturing an environment of shared solutions.

  2. Strengthening Community Programs: The Mayor's Office will manage and enhance community programs that enrich the lives of our residents, embodying our commitment to fostering growth and well-being.

  3. Town Sports League Management: The Mayor's office will manage programs at the Town's Community Center, providing a hub of activities and support for our town's diverse needs.

  4. Collaboration and Communication: The Mayor's office will maintain close ties with Town Commissioners and the Town Manager, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration for the benefit of our community.

  5. Nurturing Non-Profit Partnerships: The Mayor's office will serve as a bridge between non-profit groups and the Town, meant to maximize the potential of these organizations, help promote their objectives, and minimize undue micro-management by the Town Government.

Detailed Mayor's Office Responsibilities:

  1. Inclusive Town Hall Meetings: The Mayor's Office will hold regularly scheduled gatherings will serve as a platform for open dialogues on community issues, our town's financial planning, and targeted assistance for single mothers, igniting innovative solutions to our challenges.

  2. Effective Reporting Mechanisms: Weekly status reports will be received from the Town Manager and Commissioners, ensuring valuable advice on initiatives, projects, and tasks.

  3. Promoting Local Businesses: The Mayor's office will manage a coordinated social media campaigns, spotlighting Mount Gilead businesses, driving foot traffic and fostering economic growth through strategic advertising efforts.

  4. Supporting Moms of Mount Gilead: The Mayor's Office will manage a dedicated Facebook page and group, providing mothers, and the community, with a platform to share experiences and offer mutual support.

  5. Networking for Residents (Single Mom Support Group) : The Mayor's Office will sponsor the weekly community barbecue meetup aimed at fostering connections, providing opportunities for residents, including single mothers, to network and enhance their social circles.

  6. Strengthening Community Bonds: The Mayor's office will act as a liaison to our town's non-profit organizations, meant to cultivate robust relationships, ensure we advocate for their causes, and celebrate their contributions.

  7. Manned Community Center: The Mayor's office will oversee a vibrant community center, catering to diverse needs such as meetings, sports, education, and child care.

  8. Child-Sitting Program: Empowering mothers to work confidently, the Mayor's office will sponsor a child-sitting program, designed to accommodate after-school and no-school periods. Our proposal at highland community center is to rent a building Mon-Fri 3pm to 9pm, and Saturday 10am to 11pm.

  9. Trade Skills Workshops: We'll bring in professionals to teach youth and adult residents, empowering them with practical knowledge.

  10. Comprehensive Sports Program: The Mayor's office will manage the town's dedicated sports leagues and events, run alongside the weekly barbecue, which will invigorate community engagement, encourage active participation and ensure the sustainability of sports initiatives.

  11. Grant Exploration for Community Growth: The Mayor's office will seek out government and NGO grants to address challenges faced by single mothers, enhance high school graduation rates, and explore housing opportunities for our town.

Mount Gilead's future lies in our collective hands.

With your support, I am committed to ushering in a new era of progress, unity, and prosperity.

Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant Mount Gilead that shines as a beacon of hope and opportunity.


Joseph Valenti Candidate for


Having a strong and active Mayor's office will provide many benefits for Mount Gilead NC. Here are some advantages:

  1. Effective Leadership and Decision-Making: A strong Mayor's office ensures that there is a clear and decisive leader at the helm of the city to help the Town Manager make decisions. This enables quicker decision-making, especially during times of crisis or when important issues need immediate attention.

  2. Strategic Planning: A proactive mayor's office engages in long-term strategic planning for the Town's development. This helps Commissioner, the Town Manager , and department heads set clear goals and priorities that support the Town's year 2040 plan ensuring that the city is working towards a unified vision.

  3. City Branding and Promotion: An engaged Mayor's office actively promotes the city's unique attributes, cultural offerings, and quality of life. This branding can attract tourism, new residents, and potential businesses.

  4. Innovation and Adaptation: An active Mayor's office drives innovation by exploring new solutions to challenges the city faces. This adaptability ensures that the city remains resilient and prepared for changing circumstances.

  5. Efficient Government Operations: With an active Mayor's office, there is a higher likelihood of streamlined and efficient government operations. The office can help the Town Manager coordinate various departments and agencies, leading to better collaboration, communication, and personnel support.

  6. Effective Policy Implementation: A strong Mayor's office will champion and oversee the implementation of policies that address the needs of the community and the growth of the town. This ensures that the city's goals are met effectively and that resources are allocated appropriately.

  7. Enhanced Civic Engagement: An active Mayor's office engages with the community through town hall meetings, public forums, and other forms of outreach to foster transparency, encourages citizen participation, and allows residents to voice their concerns and ideas.

  8. Attracting Investment and Opportunities: A proactive Mayor's office actively seeks opportunities for economic growth and investment in the city. By showcasing the city's strengths and potential, the office attracts businesses, investors, and talent.

  9. Effective Representation: A strong Mayor's office represents the city in various regional and national forums, advocating for its interests and needs. This leads to better collaboration with other municipalities and levels of government.

  10. Crisis Management: During times of crisis, a strong Mayor's office helps the Town Manager provide swift and coordinated responses. This ensures that the city can effectively manage emergencies, natural disasters, or unforeseen events.

  11. Accountability and Oversight: An active Mayor's office could review Tasks, Projects and Initiatives of various city departments and agencies with the Town Manager, ensuring they remain in-scope and on-time, providing advice to the Town Manager. This accountability helps prevent inefficiencies and misuse of resources and provides a weekly meeting for Town-Manager and Mayor to brainstorm challenges and projects.

  12. Relationship Building: A strong Mayor's office fosters positive relationships with neighboring cities, regional organizations, local businesses and other stakeholders. This collaboration leads to shared resources, knowledge exchange, and mutually beneficial initiatives.


In contrast, a weak mayor's office with minimal responsibility will struggle to address the Town's important topics effectively. The absence of strong Mayoral leadership and coordination has and will continue to result in missed opportunities, inefficiencies, a lack of direction, and a difficulty in responding to today's pressing issues.

Ultimately, a strong and active mayor's office contributes to a more vibrant, responsive, and well-functioning city government.

Joseph Valenti