1. The Mayor’s Office will hold Town Meetings every two weeks with residents to discuss their challenges and develop solutions to be presented to the town commissioners for approval and implementation. The meeting is meant to discuss what the town’s doing, get feedback so we don’t miss anything, and address issues that crop up throughout the year, and resolve them all.

2. I’ll help the 4 town commissioners understand their duties and work with them to ensure A Properly Balanced Town Budget that WILL allow the reclamation and redirection $100,000 or more to finance the town’s much needed improvements that have been overlooked the last dozen years.

3. I will Balance the entire town’s budget with the Town Commissioners and Town Manager, starting with the Police Department. I will propose night dispatchers that let our officers sleep until there’s a need – partnering with the sheriff to handle night time calls possibly. I will propose the acquisition of Town Camera’s, Shot Spotters, GPS Trackers, And Drones that will catch the Criminals committing murder, killing our families by drug overdose, shooting up our neighborhoods, and robbing our homes/businesses.

4. The Mayor’s Office will manage a Weekly Meetup Barbecue and sports league, To Bring The Whole Community Together, at Stanbach Park, Highland Community Center, or other location Saturday 11 am to 2pm to Help Single Mothers (and the community) Network among the community to build relationships, network a better career, or just to exchange stories and advice with.

5. The Mayor’s Office will manage a Father-Figure Mentor Program To Coach Youths to be good men and women, and participate in the Saturday sports leagues, meant to Increase H.S. Graduation Rates or GED attainment if school is not the youth’s choice.

6. The Mayor’s Office will manage the Community Center and Child-Sitting Program at highland community center, starting from 3-9pm weekdays, and 10am to 10pm Saturday, to give youth a place to hang out, and alleviate the difficulties of working parents to get a full day of work in. We’ll bring in billiard tables, ping pong tables, table-top shuffleboard, roleplaying games, and many other options for youth and parents to use to build relationships.

7. The Mayor’s office will lead a twice-a-month trade-skill class at highland, or other location, to give youth and adults in mount Gilead NC a chance to learn a new skill and become employed.

8. I will Attract other Big Businesses into the Town to bring Mount Gilead into the 2020’s like the surrounding towns have done.

9. I will propose that the town police officer stop giving traffic citations for all but the worst traffic offenders – issuing written warnings only - so that Mount Gilead residents, friends and family, keep the money they earn in their pockets to build a better life for their family. The goal is to stop harming the lives of those already challenged – to give them time to resolve things without losing job income or paying a fine. At no time will this preference hamstring our heroic officers from doing what they think is correct in their job to protect and serve the residents of mount Gilead NC.

10. I will work to Expand The Town’s Borders To Include The Lake And Other Communities, annexing the property and homes for the town proper thru voluntarily acceptance of each homeowner joining.

11. I will fight for County Resources to be distributed fairly among all towns – not just placed in Troy.

12. Establish a Truck Route for Macks to go around town if not stopping at Burger Shack.

14. Create a comprehensive two-year town beautification plan to clean and replace bad sidewalks and beautify the whole town.

15. Immediately Make Internet Access Available to All Mount Gilead Residences.

16. Figure out how to disband hostile gangs by giving them alternatives.

17. Review and Solve What's Causing Mount Gilead's Decline.