Joseph Valenti for Mt. Gilead Mayor

Building a Stronger Mount Gilead, Together

Welcome to the official website of Joseph Valenti, a candidate for Mayor of Mount Gilead, NC in the 2023 election cycle.
Electing Joseph as Mayor of Mount Gilead will convey to the Commissioners, Town Manager, and other government employees that they're accountable to you, that you want positive change, and that you expect them to carry out the initiatives he's advocating for during his campaign.

Read on to learn more about Joseph's vision for the town of Mount Gilead NC and its residents, and how he plan's to bring positive change and accountability to the local government.

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a sign that says,'joseph halet for the high school of high school


  • I'm dedicated to serving and representing the interests of the community with unwavering commitment and integrity.

  • By uniting as a community, driven by love, compassion, and sincere intentions, we'll accomplish remarkable feats.

  • If elected as the Mayor of Mount Gilead, I will tirelessly strive to enhance the well-being of both residents and visitors.

  • As the Mayor, I will advocate for and support the implementation of meaningful initiatives that will enhance the lives of Mount Gilead, NC residents.

  • I'm committed to attentively listening to the concerns and ideas of the residents of Mount Gilead, and collaborating with the Town's Commissioners and Manager to deliver tangible outcomes.

  • I will thoroughly review the Mount Gilead, NC 2040 plan, devise innovative strategies to tackle the identified challenges, and collaborate with the Commissioners and Town Manager to ensure their successful implementation.


  1. Decrease the percentage of single mothers living in or below the poverty line from 73% to 36% in 2024 and down to 00% in 2025. Meet With Joe at Highland Community Center and brainstorm The Single Moms Out of Poverty Initiative.

  2. Meet With Joe to discuss how to increase the high school graduation rate of the black population from 62.5% to 80% in 2024 and to 90% in 2025. Some solution is in the Moms Out of Poverty Initiative.

  3. Meet With Joe September  06, 2023 at Highland Community Center to Discuss The Negative Effects of Strict Law Enforcement and Brainstorm How We Can Change It To Improve Our lives.

  4. Meet With Joe to Discuss a strong and active mayor's office that contributes to a more vibrant, responsive, and well-functioning city government.

  5. Meet With Joe October 04, 2023 to discuss a Truck Route for Macks to go around town if not stopping at Burger Shack.

  6. Meet With Joe October 18, 2023 to Create a comprehensive two-year town beautification plan to clean and replace bad sidewalks and beautify the whole town.

  7. Meet With Joe on November 01, 2023 to discuss the Following:

  8. -- Review and Solve What's Causing Mount Gilead's Decline.

  9. -- How Do We Attract New Businesses To Mt. Gilead NC.

  10. -- Develop 1 or more places for youth to hang out and have fun.

  11. -- Immediately Make Internet Access Available to All Mount Gilead Residences.

  12. -- Figure out how to disband hostile gangs by giving them alternatives.

  13. -- Eliminate The Drug Dealing At Marathon Gas Station.

  14. -- Eliminate Armed Robbery in Town.

  15. -- The Holding of Meetings to Review and Discuss the Town's budget.

About Joseph Valenti

Joseph Valenti has an open door policy and time to listen to everyone. He moved to Mount Gilead NC in 2015, works 9-5 from home, has been in IT Tech for 30+ years, and has owned a small business named NERO for 25+ years, since 1998. Originally from New York, Joseph moved south in 2009 and settled in Mount Gilead NC in 2015 as his place to retire and operate NERO events. Joseph welcomes a good sit down chat and his Telephone number is 914.309.7718. Read More Here...

Building a Stronger Mount Gilead, Together

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